With Trip.Social, users can plan their own trips by creating a new plan or personalizing stories written by other users. This post will show you how to publish your stories or your plans step-by-step on the website platform.

  • Access to Trip.Social’s website platform and login.

  • After logging into Trip.Social, you’ll be taken to the main homepage. You can create your plan by clicking "Create New" at the top of the page.

    • Choose “Trip” if you just want to keep it for yourself and your companions.

    • Choose “Story” if you want to share your experience with people.

  • Edit your activities here

  • There is a toolbar on the left of the page that allows you to edit and insert all the information about the plan.

  • You can upload a story's videos along with a cover photo to bring your stories closer to our global travel community.

  • Use these characters to make your words look more impressive.

  • And clicking on these icons to link to the travel guide, pictures/videos, waypoints (locations), and the address of hotels.

A perfect travel story could not be completed without beautiful pictures or videos, hit the "image" or "video" icon to insert them.

Then, this will lead you to your own gallery, you can select an appropriate picture or video that fits the topic of your story and click "Open".

And now the picture/video is in your story.

Add a location to your travel plan, hit the "Location" icon.

After that, a location box will appear with a lot of functions.

  • Click the flag icon to add your Wishlist location.

  • In the options: the icon "Clock" is used to divide each day of the guide.

  • The icon "Paper" is for a description of a location.

  • The icon "Image" is used to insert the picture of a location.

  • Click "Add Way Point" to finish.

*Note: You are able to just add the location without a description.

  • In "New Way Point", users can divide the plan day by day with a click on the CLOCK icon.

  • When you finish the content of the plan move to the "Itinerary"

  • Select "sync way points from content"

  • And "Synchronize"

In the Itinerary tab, you can divide your trip day-by-day by clicking the calendar icon.

Note: Day 1 is a system default, 1 click is 1 more day.

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